Neil Degrasse Tyson's Earth Day/Science March message (video)

Neil Degrasse Tyson posted this message to Facebook on April 19, calling it perhaps the most important words he's ever spoken. That is somewhat shocking for scientist because all he said, in essence, was that 'facts are true'. That, to me, is largely what today's Science March is all about though.

The United States and all of the developed world, got to the position it is in because of science and technology. The countries that prosper over the next hundred years will do so because of science and technology. However, we've somehow arrived at a point where we only accept science when it fits our ideology, our religion or our particular business or personal interests. Science doesn't work that way. You take what you've found to be true and you use it to make good decisions, personally, professionally and politically or you deny the science and you make bad decisions. Obviously, the people, businesses and countries that make good decisions will fare better than the countries that do not.

Whether anyone likes it or not: climate change is real and manmade; evolution by natural selection is the way nature works, there is no evidence that GMOs are dangerous, widespread vaccination saves lives (and does not cause autism) ... and the list goes on. These things are true, whether anyone wants to admit it or not. The countries that invest in science, that accept its findings and act accordingly will continue to prosper. Those that don't will suffer tremendously, potentially losing their status as 'developed' nations.

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